I am the expert that you can call when your physical world crosses into the digital world.

Certs & Badges

Attention to Detail

I approach every task meticulously, ensuring thoroughness and focusing on even the smallest details.

Customer Service

I prioritize exceptional customer service, understanding and meeting their needs, resolving issues, and exceeding expectations.

Oral Communication

I adeptly convey information to diverse audiences, tailoring my approach and delivering clear and persuasive presentations.

Problem Solving

I quickly identify and assess problems, ensuring accuracy and relevance, while generating insightful recommendations through sound judgment.

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Digital Forensic Specialist

As a skilled digital forensic specialist, I have developed a solid foundation in security testing, vulnerability and compliance scans, and risk analysis. Through my education, I have acquired extensive knowledge in managing enterprise cybersecurity data repositories, prioritizing the utmost protection for sensitive information. In various academic projects, I have successfully applied advanced techniques to prevent data breaches and respond to potential incidents, demonstrating my ability to identify and mitigate emerging threats.

Professional Affiliations

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Digital Forensics


Incident Response


Soft Skills

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